Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling – Make your Bathroom Shine Once Again

Looking to save a little time and cash on your bathroom remodeling project? Are you starting with that bathtub that has lost its “glimmer”? Many will pull out the bathtub that has lost its pizzazz and replace it with a new, shiny model. You want to know a secret, though? You do not have to replace your bathtub, you can simply reglaze it! In this article, you will learn the steps that are involved in the reglazing process. Now, you can simply reglaze, not replace! You can save yourself hundreds of dollars instead of spending hundreds!

1) The first step to reglazing that bathtub is to simply ensure that the area in and around the bathtub is in good shape. This means checking out the all the plumbing fixtures, faucets and all the caulking and sealant around the tub. It is essential that you ensure that all previous damage is dealt with prior to reglazing the bathtub. Along these lines, there is no harm done to that new bathtub complete if repair must be made.

2) At the point when choosing to reglaze bathtub as opposed to supplanting it, it is critical that you’ve ventilation in that room.

You can choose to go simple and simply put a fan in a bathroom window, or you can rent a ventilation system from a home improvement store. If you do not have the right amount of airflow in the room when reglazing the bathtub, it is likely that you will get very sick while performing the job.

3) Before reglazing, it will be necessary to remove the trim and all of the caulking from in and around the bathtub.



4) Next, it is the ideal time for epoxy material.

This will put that bathtub during the time spent prime. You will need a squeegee and a dry cloth when applying the glaze to the bathtub because this allows you the ability to evenly go over the entire area of the tub.

5) You ought to permit the coating to stay on bathtub for up to forty eight hours. This permits the coating time to dry and to splash into the surface of the tub. Many people who are taking part in bathroom remodeling activities will guarantee that the item stays on bathtub for long measures of time – it appears that the more it is not presented to dampness, it settles all the more fittingly.

bathroom-remodeling-tips-in-many-style-designs6) Once you have allowed the bathtub to sit for a couple of days or longer, it is time to replace and reattach all the pieces that were removed and disconnected prior to the job. This includes the trim that you removed, caulking that was stripped away and all the plumbing fixtures that were not attached. You should be careful not to damage the glaze while doing this. If you find that the glaze does become damaged, or has not settled appropriately, you may consider redoing the job that you started.

7) When everything is set up, guarantee that tub is left upright afresh to dry. The sealers that were utilized to reattach the installations, the glues used to make stick of certain parts, and caulking that was utilized to seal bathtub must be offered time to cool it down and dry before the bathtub is put to utilize once more.